Jun 17

Why does it take a law?

thank you
because now, maybe, we're a step closer to
living in a world
where everyone is accepted
and no one doubts whether they should be
where justice is everywhere
and discrimination isn't a thing
where being who you are isn't risky
and hiding yourself isn't safe
where the world is full of love, love, love
and there is no room for hate
thank you

but wait, before
you go,
how come
I don't understand that

it takes a law
to do all this
we need discrimination to be illegal
to banish it
why can't we just
live in a world where
everyone knows it's okay
everyone can accept you
you can be yourself
your full self
and no one but yourself
without hate lurking, ready to spring the moment
you come out of hiding?
why do we need
to be told to be accepting, to love?
why can't we just