Jun 18
poem challenge: Angelou's America


A poem inspired by Maya Angelou's "America" that I wrote

The lives that we lost
      cannot come back

The bullets that were shot 
      triggered without attack 

What is it we call home,
      Just a sea of the dead?

Who can call it home 
      Without a roof or a bed?

The flag that we raise,
       sewn with lies

Our own army attacking us
       screaming our battle cries

Brothers and sisters
      lost to the fight

I assure you, we will
      make it through the night

"Burning down buildings
       won't get you anywhere"

Well, even protests of peace,
      and you still didn't care. 

I beg you,

Take care of this country.

Maya Angelou's "America"

The gold of her promise
has never been mined

Her borders of justice
not clearly defined

Her crops of abundance
the fruit and the grain

Have not fed the hungry
nor eased that deep pain

Her proud declarations
are leaves on the wind

Her southern exposure
black death did befriend

Discover this country
dead centuries cry

Erect noble tablets
where none can decry

"She kills her bright future
and rapes for a sou

Then entraps her children
with legends untrue"

I beg you

Discover this country.