Jun 19
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The Answer Is Everything

 What happenes when nobody notices?
 What happenes when your too invested in one particular idea?
 The answer is everything.
  Everything goes astray, 
  We were in line,
  We were on track and connected.
  Now we pertend like that's all still true. 
  We pertend like we can mind our own buisness and stay the same forever.
  But the seconed one person stepped off the path,
  Our world went to darkness. 
  We focus on what makes sence,
  But we don't realize that we don't always need sence
  We need to do what is best, not what is the obviouse choice.
  We can stay in our houses,
  Stuck, and isolated,
  Or we can embrace the fact that this will be over. 
  Can't we come back to eachother?
  Can't we work together?
  I am a thirteen year old girl.
  I can't change everyones decisions.
  But instead of me telling you what needs to happen.
  You make the choice.
  Who's with me?