Jun 21
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you dont know me

Thalia Kolovos  grade seven

Age 12

Essex Junction


You don”t know me

We’ve never really met

I’ve never said a word to you 

So  you’ve never said one back
I don’t know you 

I’ve never heard your voice

You’ve never liked to talk at all

So I never the choice
You’d sit there ever silent 

Quiet like a mist

A blanket of soundlessness 

Entwists you in its grasp
Someday I’m going to talk to you

Not today but maybe tomorrow or the next

I wonder if I talk will you talk back

Will you be mad that I’ve disturbed your silent world
I don’t know you 

But one day I will

Someday soon I’ll say a word to you

And hope you’ll say one back 
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