Jun 23

the art of party planning:

I'm the girl 
you meet once 
through a friend of a friend 
who smiles big 

makes you laugh 
with your mouth closed 
and your eyes open 

the girl you remember 
just enough 
to forget in the morning 

who you call when you're 
until you find the girl 
who makes you happy 

who you promise a phone call 
but promptly forget 
as her eyes meet the ground again 

halfway between 
lost and found 
the the corner of
Monroe and 17th 

throwing a private pity party 
while spinning innocent comments 
into worst case scenarios 
that would later fuel 
fictional tragedies 

breaking her own heart 
with a sledge hammer 
and hiding the glue 

looking wistfully 
through a rain soaked windows 
that are locked from the inside 
wondering why 
no one would smash the glass 

if only someone 
had shown up