Jun 26

fallen angel

a fallen angel
broken wings folded around the shards
of the hell that clung to her emerging scales
she plummeted toward the earth
and you didn’t care
so she pummelled the ground
and you let the ground pummell her
the once brilliant feathers 
so white you saw rainbows
dyed by the ink of tears
she wasn’t supposed to be able to cry
but her eyes know now
they shimmer like brunt diamonds
their swords poised with betrayal and hate
taken from the curvature of her ribs
filled with everything you let her do to herself
you promised you wouldn’t
one at your head
at your heart, your throat
and sharpened by years of denial
but just as you closed your eyes
the metallic tang already filling your mouth
ruby sparkling on the tip of her tongue
they metal strikes, impales soft flesh
and you open your eyes to see the rubies
crown her queen
before she slumps on the ground
pools of a momentary love, empty
a dull diadem anointing her brow
a dead angel
fallen, right into your palm
but your angel all the same