Jun 26

Road Trip

I press my face up to the glass.
Stuck in one spot for hours,
watching the scenery go by.

I am nine. 
If you ask me what my favorite animal is
I contemplate your question for a minute
"A horse." I would say.

I slip out my my pencil and sketch book
then I start drawing.
Then dogs of course.

I stare at my brother.
Equally bored.
If I try to keep drawing, 
I will get car sick.

I stretch my legs at the next rest stop. 
Glad to have solid ground beneath my feet.
Then reluctantly we all pile back in
and drive on as the sun slips below the horizon.

I watch out the windshield, 
there's no stars there.
All I see the black sky smudged
with pink and purple light pollution.

I can't wait til the car 
finally stops at a big gray house
built on stilts to protect it from flooding.
This is our destination.