Jun 26
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The Boy With a Violin

His fingers danced along the strings. Each note louder than the last. The notes seemed to hang in the air, as if it were my choice to listen. They did not demand that I hear them, or that I even listen at all. They drew me in. Hanging in the air like fresh fruit begging to be picked. To my surprise, it was he who had been creating this music. 

I never would have guessed that he played violin. Or even began to imagine he was this good. It had only been a few months that we had shared the apartment, and even so I was rarely here. How could I know so little about my roommate? 

When I had first put the ad out, I got lots of weirdos. An odd and bouncy girl who smelled like yoga and kombucha, a girl I can only describe as ‘emo,’ a buff dude who asked me nearly eight times if he could put his weights in the living room. But then there was Charlie. He seemed normal. Quiet and stoic, but normal.

Over the next few months, Charlie and I got along very well, though we rarely coincided. In fact, theres only one night I can remember we were both home at the same time. We ordered take out, talked superficially, and watched shitty movies before returning to the solitude of our own rooms. 

    Though his room was no more than 5 feet away from mine, I only went in once. He was out, and though I hate to admit that I had been snooping, that’s exactly what I was doing. His door was never open, atleast that is while I was there. But, he must have forgotten or the door may have not latched. Whatever it was, that door was cracked open and begging for me to look. 

    So I did. Scattered among the walls were posters, tapestries, and paintings. Most from periods I couldn’t recognize. Incense and candles lined his bureau and shelves. It was at this moment I learned the most about him. Personality was thrown on every surface and my eyes couldn’t pick a spot to land. I was entranced. And even at this moment, the idea that I didn't really know him at all hadn’t crossed my mind. 

    But here I was. Peeking through his door. Completely intoxicated by his music.
“I didn’t know you played.” 
I had broken not only the silence but the rhythm of his music as well. I hadn’t even meant to, actually. My body just spoke. He was startled by my presence and quickly stopped playing. He seemed embarrassed as he looked at me in the doorframe. 
“Yes. I do.” He set his violin down back in it’s case. 

“No! Please! Continue!” 

Charlie looked at me and I nodded towards him. 

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