Jun 27


"Mama said, 'you're a pretty girl
What's in your head, it doesn't matter
Brush your hair, fix your teeth
What you wear, is all that matters.'"

- Beyonce, Pretty Hurts

    In fifth grade, my class wrote down what they most admired about every other person. I was so honored when one of my friends said that I was pretty, but disappointed when another said that I was intelligent. I thought it was much more important to look pretty that to be smart and thoughtful. 
    I realize now how wrong I was, and exactly why I had come to that conclusion. Our society tricks us into thinking that how we look on the outside is all that matters, particularly for womyn*. We come to believe that we should focus on covering up our "imperfections" instead of embracing our natural beauty. We don't realize that we would be much, much happier if we stopped trying to look perfect and start focusing on who we truly are. 
    To anyone who has been shamed for being "ugly" or "not good enough" or any other lie, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Inside and out. Please don't ever forget that YOU choose who you are, not the people who shame you and bully you. They have no right to say those things.

"When you're alone by yourself
And you're lying in your bed
Reflecion stares right into you
Are you happy with yourself?
You stripped away the masquerade

The illusion has been shed
Are you happy with yourself?
Are you happy with yourself?"

- Beyonce, Pretty Hurts

*The word woman, W-O-M-A-N, is derived from the words "wife of man". Many now choose to spell it W-O-M-Y-N instead, myself included. It does not change the pronunciation, it just means female, but does not imply that a person is married to a man, or married at all.