Jun 28

there is sunscreen in my hair:

my legs 
are covered 
in spots of paint 
and a non existent tan

and the hair that brushes 
my neck 

as the sun 
falls down from the sky 
and into my open hands 

the nail polish 
on my toes is chipped 
and instead 
dirt has worked its way into the 

I like the breeze that dances across my skin 
on warm nights 
when the flowers 
have fallen asleep 

and the bumble bees 
that bounce 
through the soft air 
that clings to the skin under my t shirt

do you remember 
that day 
when we sat in the grass
the sun pouring into our smiles
and you tied my hair into knots 
and told me I was beautiful 

some days 
I miss you so much 
my heart tries to claw its way 
out of my chest 

thinking about how much I want to fall
asleep with my head on your 

I close my eyes 
and let the sunshine
turn my eyelids 
bright red 

and hope I put on enough sunscreen