We want to make this easy for you. Look at the topics below and if we still haven't answered your questions, feel free to contact YWP Executive Director Susan Reid – [email protected] on the site; or by email: [email protected]; or phone (802) 324-9538.

Welcome to YWP! Let's get started ...

How to join the site
Young Writers Project is intended primarily for teens, ages 13-18, but writers and artists who are 12 years of age are also welcome to join with parental permission. See the Parental Permission form here.

To sign up for a YWP account, follow these steps:
  • On youngwritersproject.org, click the link at the top right that reads "login/join."
  • On the page that comes up, select the tab for "Create new account." That will take you to the account registration page.
  • Select a username that you like – don't use your own name. How about a fun pen name? And a password that you can remember.
  • You'll be prompted to fill in some personal information – which YWP keeps private. Make sure it is accurate and complete or we won't be able to approve your account.
  • Scroll down and see "role." Mark off whether you're a teacher or a young writer. If you are a young writer, fill in the rest of the information that pops up.
Update Notify: We suggest you click the "Update notify" box so you can stay up to date on any pieces you've commented on. With that check box enabled, you'll get an email notification when a writer makes changes to a piece that you've commented on – so you can see the impact of your comments.
Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions at the bottom of the form outline our publication and privacy policies. We never share any of your personal information, and you retain the rights to your work – but this also allows us to publish your work in our in-house and partner publications. Once you've agreed to the terms and conditions, save the form. YWP staff will review your information and approve your account if everything is in order. This could take up to a full business day, so please be patient.
Logging in
So your account is approved... now what?
On the YWP site, youngwritersproject.org, click the "log in/join" link, top right.
You'll be prompted to enter your username and password.
Click the "Log in" button below.
After logging in, you'll be taken to your profile page. This is where you and others can find your writing and get in touch with you.
Click the YWP logo at the top of the page to navigate to the home screen – that's where you'll find new writing challenges, community updates, the Daily Read, "Tiny Writes," and more!
Sharing your work
There are two main ways to post your work on youngwritersproject.org: Create a blog post as its own entity, or respond to a challenge, adding your post to a collection of other responses to that challenge. Both types of posts can be considered for publication in YWP's in-house and partner publications.

1. Free writes: To create a blog post not associated with a particular challenge, find the "CREATE" button in the top navigation bar. Then click on "CREATE A BLOG POST" in the dropdown menu. A "CREATE BLOG ENTRY" form will appear.

2. Responding to a challenge: If you see a writing challenge that appeals to you, you can respond directly to that challenge, by clicking the "Respond" link at the bottom. Using this path to "CREATE BLOG ENTRY" automatically associates your post with the particular challenge.

  • Fill in the required fields – Title and Category, the ones with the red stars. Your title will let people know what to expect from your piece (be imaginative!), and the category will help readers search for poetry, visual art, CJP (Community Journalism Project), etc.
  • Use the Body section for your writing.
  • ADD MEDIA is for adding images, audio, and video. (Details in next section.)
  • Posts default to being submitted for publication; meaning that we'll consider publishing them across our various channels. If you'd rather share your post on the website without the possibility of publication, you can select NO under "CONSIDER FOR PUBLICATION?"
  • Hidden: If you aren't ready to share the piece with others on the site, you can set the Blog Visibility to "hidden" so that only you and YWP staff can see it. That way you can come back and work on it more later, and release it when it's ready.
  • Remember to SAVE
Adding images to your post
You can add images to your writing or submit them on your blog as stand-alone photos and art, as solo pieces or a slideshow.


Create Blog Entry > Add Media > Image > Add a new file > Select file > Open the file > Pintura Image Editor pops up. You can crop, fine-tune, rotate, resize, filter, and more. When cropping, you can choose Custom if the image doesn't fit one of the crop shapes. Experiment with the many options and don't forget to click Done. Y
ou can upload as many photos as you like and create a slideshow.

For single verticals, go to Vertical Image > Browse > Upload

[Photo credit: Watermelon by Sahand Babali, Unsplash]
Uploading Audio: Create or open your post (remember Title and Category are required). Use only these types of audio files: .mp3, .m4a or .wav.
Go to Add Media > Audio Upload > Add a new File > Browse (find your audio file on your device)> Upload. Save.
Recording Audio: To record audio directly on your blog post, start by opening the Add Media tab. Click the Browse Audio button to bring up your audio options. In the media browser, select the Recorder tab. Click the green button that says "Start." You'll be prompted to select Audio or Video. Click the Audio option. This will direct the site to access your built-in microphone. You'll need to give the site access to your microphone. (Be sure to select "remember" before clicking "allow" if given the option.) After you allow/share your microphone with the site, you'll be greeted with a cool little audio-graphic. The next step is to "Press record to start recording." After you start recording, you'll see the timer begin counting, and you'll notice the waveform responding to the sound of your voice. Leave a couple of seconds at the beginning and end of the clip, so you don't cut off anything that you wanted to record. When you're finished recording, hit the stop button. Be sure to give your piece a title and category, and then select the save recording button, beneath the recorder. This will save the audio file to your blog post. From here, you can continue to work on your blog post, and when you save it, you'll see your audio displayed with your post.
Ways to connect with the YWP Community
Commenting is the most common way of connecting with someone's work. It's also the best way to get people to comment on your work! Leaving a comment is easy. To start, click the title of the piece you want to comment on, to open the piece up. Once you're looking at the complete piece, you'll see a comment/reply box to the right of the writing. Let the author know what you thought about their piece, and then click the big save button under the comment box. Be positive. Be encouraging. Be kind. Be honest. Constructive criticism with specific detail is helpful. Relating the piece to your own life or writing often starts a conversation. And a little love is always welcome. The author will be notified of your comment, and you can also choose to be notified if someone else leaves a comment. You can choose to be notified for all comments, replies to your own comment, or no notifications at all for this piece.
Loves are the simplest way to show your appreciation for a piece. Read a piece that you thought was great, and want to let the writer know quickly and easily? Click that love button! The author will get a notification that you loved their piece, and a tally of the total loves for that piece will appear at the bottom. If you have time, it's always good to leave a comment along with your love, to let the author know what you connected with – why you chose to give them a love.
Private messages are a great way to get in touch with someone on the site – whether it be a mentor, staff member, or other young writer. Private messages are housed completely on the site, so you don't have to reveal any other personal information about yourself. Private messages are great for starting a collaboration, asking for feedback or clarification, or finding out how someone learned a tricky skill. Whenever you see someone's username, you can click it and you'll be transported to their profile page. On the left side of this page you'll see a link to "Send this user a private message." Click that link and you'll be able to fill in your message and send it directly to that user.
Tiny Writes: An interactive chat forum where you can connect with other YWP writers and artists about your work, your favorite authors, artists, musicians, what's going on in your life, anything you want to share with the YWP community. And don't miss the YWP Book Club where you can post book recommendations, reviews, stray thoughts. Both places are informal, respectful and welcoming.
Building skills: Young Writers Project is a creative and supportive community of young writers and artists. It's also a place where you can learn and build your skills through mentoring, feedback, and online workshops. Watch the site for announcements of new workshops offered through the year.