Jul 01

Never Again

One month,
Thats how much time I have wasted.
As I sat watching TV
Boredom taking its toll
My pen’s ink was drying.
Lack of use was affecting it.
I stared at blank pages
Before putting them away
Picked up my pencil more times than I can count,
Just to put it down once again.
The keys on my keyboard
Left without exercise
The backspace button,
Now jammed.
The only button I used.

I went a whole month 
With little writing.
It felt terrible.

My writing materials
Glare a hole through the back of my head from across the room.
If they could talk,
I would be getting yelled at for my ignorance.

Never again.
Thats what I tell myself.
Never again will I go a month,
Without writing.
Letters are a part of me,
Never again will I take them for granite.

I love to write.
I am an author.

From this day on,
Let it be know,
That Whitney Dykstra,
Will never again go a whole month,
Without writing!