Jul 02

Every Single Time

Each morning you wake before the sun,
and are greeted by fairies who play with your waves of hair.
She hikes the purple mountains at dawn,
the ones where the bubbling streams run up, not down.
You love to be among the clouds where you can guess what they are,
where you can feel like you're an immortal raindrop floating among so many others.
She lives where the waterfalls create a circle of peace,
where the streams all come together.
You sleep under the stars, 
where the crickets can sing you lullabies.
She is a wonder,
and so are you.
You both go to sleep right at dusk, so you can both meet at dawn and climb the highest peak and watch the sun rise together. 
So you can be with every single day as it rises above the Green Mountains, and every single night as it subsides.