Jul 04


Why I hate masks.
Because even though you can, actually breathe,
It still feels like you can't.
It traps me,
Keeping my face from the sun,
And letting me panic in a constant state of not being okay.
Did you ever notice, 
No one can see you smile,
Or frown,
Not even a laugh can escape from the masks.
You have to slip into a corner to fix it because every time you move your mouth,
It falls down a little,
And if someone were to see you fix it,
They would be all pissed off.
For some reason.
You can't blow gum bubbles in a mask,
So the gum just lays there, on the tip of your tongue,
Awkwardly waiting until the mask is taken off.
And the worst part about wearing a mask,
Is having to raise your voice,
And shout at everyone,
Even if your not mad.
Or else the mask,
Will take your already quiet voice,
And make it silent.