Jul 04

Dear racists

Dear racists,

you rip the world apart
not that it isn't already in shreds
your just adding to the pile
making each piece smaller and smaller
you throw bleach over our art when we paint Black Lives Matter on the street
you comment under our empowering Instagram posts
you throw cans at my grandparents for being in a biracial relationship
you shout all lives matter but refuse to admit that black lives are the ones under fire
you take out guns whenever 'you people' act too white
you stare at the brown skin girl's curls like she has two heads
you call us libtards for seeing through your double standards and generalization 
you see Charlie Davis, my own flesh and blood, my mothers father, one of my best friends
but you don't really see him
all but his brown skin, his afro, his voice
you decide to shoot his dog. 
you know if you had pointed the gun at him instead, the punishment would still be nothing
because to you he isn't named Charles
he is named black man
you spit slurs when you think we aren't listening
you clutch your purse because your scared the black man next to you will steal your precious Tupperware or Costco coupons 
you think African American and black are the same things
you don't realize that a race, a language, a culture, ancestors, parents
doesn't define a person
unless that person's race 
is white
their language
is english
their culture
is hate
you think that you can say whatever you want because the white community will protect you
but not anymore
because allies can make you regret just as much 
you think that you can do whatever you want because the government will protect you
but not anymore
because what kind of a strong government is scared of 16 year olds on tik tok
you think that you can get away with anything
but not anymore
because anything we let you get away with is the same thing a black person would have their rights stripped for
the rights that were written in paper but never practiced through actions
they loose their lives
for the same thing that George Floyd couldn't breathe for 
that Breanna Taylor never got to leave her apartment for 
that Trayvon Martin didn't take down his hoodie for
but that thing wasn't suspected forgery
it wasn't being suspected for dealing drugs
it wasn't eating skittles and looking suspicious 
it is racism
it is america
it is white supremacey
it is you

dear racists

it's always been you