Jul 08
poem challenge: Open

spider queen

the spiders spin you webs
to veil your eyes and afford you
silk dresses and a throne of silver
you thought you were their queen
but don't you know spiders?
my darling, they will crown you
with a diadem of venom
a prisoner in her own throne
close your eyes
they whisper sweetly
as they suck your youth
from your cherry blossom cheeks
and eat your dumpling soft skin
mouth dancing with savoury strawberries
look at your fine silk gown
can't you see it's your chains?
think of their saccharine words
can't you see it's the guillotine
poised over your regal neck?
look at you, my sweet
they will vanquish your ever lasting beauty
you are stuck in their web of lies
if only you would simply
open your eyes