Jul 24


Dribbling, juggling, having fun.
Scoring goals has to be done.  
Never be done, Never quit.
Because soccer is the best fit. 
Make up your moves on the spot.
They won't know what's coming.
Fans cheer. 
The blazing sun hits your back.
Very hot, water is lacking. 
Running and Running and Running and Running.
Losing by one.  Come on we can do this.
We have this wish please grant it now.
And we will be the Kings if the town! 
One more shot.  Just dribble and score.
We are scoring, its never boring.
Small, large, or in charge.
Just be great. 
Because soccer is your fate.
The crowd cheers.
Ears ringing, fans singing.
This should be a new beginning.
The goal is scored.
The team roars.