Jul 24

when the sky falls it is funneled into gutters:

today we swam in a pool 
dyed too purple to remember 
hours after the sun had set 
and watched as lightning
tried to take its place in the sky 

today we ate food 
that the FDA says will kill our bodies 
but feed our souls 

and worked off the extra calories
we didn't have to spare 
by dancing in the rain 

until the chlorine and self doubt
was washed from our hair 

and our clothes were silhouettes 
of their past selves 

and then we kept dancing 

until our arms and legs were numb and tired 
but our eyes were wide
and our hearts were shattered
because there is a specific and unattainable joy induced by water filling up the holes in the ground

and my hair has never been softer 

I forgot what it felt like 
to explode from the inside out 

and I couldn’t tell if it was tears 
or rain 
streaming down my face
but it didn’t matter because it was warm 

I miss 
being beautiful 
and fragile 

because I have spent 5 months 
building walls of brick and steel
that even the sun could not get through 

and I was too busy 
feeling the mud between my toes 
and the clouds pressed against my 

that I forgot what it felt like to fall asleep
with my heart in a plastic bag

and today for 13 blissful minutes 
the sky fell on our heads