Jul 27

we have new blueprints:

there's no history 

no secrets 
shoved into the cracks
in the sidewalks

everything is
new new new 

tear down 
and build up 

higher higher higher 
all in silvers 
and blues 

i miss the weeds 
that try their best 
to reclaim brick buildings 

i want dirt 
that remembers private revolutions 
littering street corners 
and terraces 

i want dry wall that 
peels with 
heartbreaks and 
the most awful shades of green paint 

and broken glass 
in fits of passion 
littering the ground behind dumpsters 

better to loose your favorite vase 
than a tooth 

instead every word 
thrown through storefronts
is swept carefully away 

funneled into flames 
all too eager to erase 
each tick of a clock
out of sync with the rest

into fertilizer 
for the new gardens 
designated for the front walk 
of the newest high rise 

where the bushes 
are trimmed neatly
instead of sprawling out
and up

to gossip with the leaves
on the trees 

tear it down 
start from scratch
we have new blueprints