Jul 30


I am enclosed in a Box,
like many other souls.
Some come willingly,
some are forced.

I'm not sure how I got here:
Purposely; accidentally:
it doesn't matter now.
I simply dwell in this Box. 

I can look into the world,
I can interact with it--
I won't join it.

From inside my Box,
I see life.
I see glimpses of its worth, 
which isn't much to me.

When I look around the Box,
I see fragments of something.
it isn't life--
more like the opposite.

In the world, people are in their own Boxes.
I see people go towards the fragments in their Boxes.
some people are drawn naturally,
some people force others towards them,
some people are tempted,
some go there of their own free will.
all people will reach them,
at their own paces--
willingly or not.

They are in this Box,
they are here with me
I know I will meet them soon
willingly or not

I know they're coming for me
I see people going towards them, too
I might have to choose
they don't appear as fragments anymore

I can see it all clearly
the complete picture isn’t so bad
I might join it
maybe I will
willingly or not