Jul 31

Follow the Right Path

The grass is always greener,
the sun is always brighter
as you follow the right path.
It may get rocky,
it may get steep,
and you might think that you are lost.
Many along the way will tell you to turn back,
to give up and start over.
You have had troubles, yes,
but you have overcome them.
You have been scratched and scarred 
by thorns and bushes,
but you are still walking.
Why would you turn away now?
This trail that you hike,
this mountain you climb, 
is long and may seem never ending.
But along with all of the troubles that you bump in to,
there will always be something better to come.
If you get scraped by a branch,
you will feel relief when the pain goes away,
when it's over.
So, you can feel distressed,
you can feel worried,
and you can feel like you want to just be done with this hike.
But when you do reach the end,
you will be glad
that you faced your fears,
earned your pride,
and followed that path anyway.