Aug 02

My Extraordinary Life as The Other One

My whole life I've been the other one
I'm not your favorite no matter how hard you try to convince me
Just look at her
She has a palace 
I don't have a closet door

I've heard the things you've said about me
I thought I made my tears noticeable
So why didn't you notice?

No matter how many times you've said it
I know I'm not a failure
I'm not any less than she is
Not any less than you were

Why is it that she can get something at the snap of her fingers
But I have to beg
for months.

I'm tired of this
And you wonder why I don't like being around you
You wonder why I break so easily
You wonder why I leave as soon as I get the chance

You make me feel so much less
You make me feel like it's you her and the other one
With me being
The other one.

But I'll show you I'm better
I'm not less I'm more
But for now
I will live the extraordinary life
Of the other one.