Aug 13

if you only had 24 hours:

you're taller now 

i knew this 

but six foot three 
sounds a lot smaller 
than it looks 

especially when its standing 
in front of you 

we pretend 
through whispered words 
and too long glances 

that late night calls
and tired smiles 
are what friendship is made of 

too afraid 
of what it would mean 
to jump and fall fast 

too busy looking at 
each other 
to realize we already 
walked off the edge 

so I will pretend 
because you are 
that we did not fill our stomachs with 

that I didn't fall in love 
the way leaves turn 
in august 

staying in the safety 
of not saying too much 
not saying enough 

you're taller now 
I know this because 
I hold on and don't let go 
and my toes get tired from 
keeping me up 

I need to get taller