Aug 14

A Painter's Sunset

Never will I ever forget
The sunset I witnessed
On a warm Vermont summer day
In the year 2020

That year brought us all to our knees
The foundation of our lives
Seemed to crumble beneath our feet
It became hard to remember 
The stunning beauty of our world
The sunset made me realize
In a cavern of dark
There will always be light
However searching for it 
Does not always prevail
Instead, sometimes it's easier 
To let the light find you


Tuning out reality
I gaze beyond the tinted glass of the car window
Wrapping myself in nature's sweet embrace
Becoming lost in the little details I overlook
Every day

My eyes are sponges
Absorbing every last detail they can
Even when it becomes overbearing
And I couldn't possibly fit any more beauty 
Into my deep blue eyes
They scour the scene before me still
Forcing myself to memorize
Every paint stroke of this masterpiece

Across the countryside
Mountains set up camp
Every bump and slope
Unbelievably present
Not a single detail goes unnoticed
This is the work, of a painter's steady hand

Foothills lay to rest
Next to their older brothers and sisters
A shade darker
a bit more relaxed
going with the flow
Certainly not perfectionists
Yet they are just as important
As those older, taller and wiser
Adding texture and transition
To a work of art

The sky
A blurred rainbow
Stretched to fit infinity
Red, orange and yellow outline the never ending mountain range
Packed together so tightly
Each color knows no end or beginning
Green has more freedom
The patchwork between light and dark
Outstretched fingers of green collide with blue
They mix and mingle
Dancing and playing
Bits of lavender purple join the party
Helping to impersonate the miraculous Northern Lights
Next in line is a blue so dark it soon turns black
Together they dominate the sky
Creating the perfect setting for the grand finale
Tastefully placed in nocturnal bliss
Sits a moon so bright
Its circular outline is nonexistent
Overwhelmed by a golden glow
That lays atop the jet black night sky

The whole spectacle
Is a priceless piece of artwork
Capturing Vermont's pure splendor
Hypnotizing anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse
And I'm proud to say that I am one of the lucky ones