Aug 27

I'm so tired, tomorrow though.

there is gaps
between my breaths 

that take up
more time
than they should 

more gone than 

i have a new callus 
on the crease of my 
index finger 

and a bruise 
on my knee 
mixed in with grass 

and the bite 
of almost tomorrow 

and street lights 
that flash across my 
highlighting scars that came easily 

i don't want to
go back 
to the stretched out 
hair ties 

and socks 
without holes

i want to move down
and become grounded 

or maybe just fall asleep 

chin up 
let the sunshine in 

squash the hope 
to save your heart 
from another crack

she can't take
much more 

open your eyes 
don't go away 

stay with me one more night 
but only if you like 

its okay 
i wont be mad