Sep 01

Thirteen things I don't want to forget now that I'm in high school

1. I am a headstrong little animal, consistantly tugging, pulling, pushing, to get what I want. I don't settle.
2. I love people and books, And I judge both by they're covers because apparently freshmen don't speak on the first few days of school.
3. I go with my gut, because it's always hungry and always right.
4. I AM always hungry and always right.
5. I will never be happy with what I have, working hard until I get what I want, which is the best. See #1.
6. I have always been jealous of everyone, and everything, but I can't let that get in my way. See above.
7. I am weird, and I am insane, but that's what makes me so incredibly cool.
8. I'm a loud, bossy, drama queen, but not everyone wants to hear what I have to say.
9. Thirteen is my favorite number, and then twenty one, and my favorite colors are black and red.
10. I am unique, and I never need to blend in.
11. I am bold, and always make the first move, even if I don't want to.
12. I am not a loner, but I like being alone.
13. I am a fricken awesome saucy person of cool coffee beans and cat hair all over my clothes.​