Sep 02

remember the earth worms:

do you remember 
the day you missed 
in 3rd grade 
when we all learned how to fall 
in love 
with the clovers 
that sprouted between 
blades of grass 
how we spent nights 
with our eyelids propped 
with hope and 
easy laughs and 
playground romance 
now we fall asleep quickly 
anxious for the relief 
of an Unconscious mind 
now i write my worries 
on scraps of paper 
that are shoved into a pillow 
missing some of the stuffing 
my head hurts 
and my bones are no longer 
today is impatient 
and fell in love with tomorrow 
and the days tumble over each other 
urging me to grow up 
like a sunflower 
or a black hole 
what if i get hit by a bus 
before i hit play 
what if i die careful 

fall down and get up again 

but my legs are tired
and there's still so much to do