Sep 07
fiction 0 comments challenge: Virus

talking to an imaginary enemy

"Hello," I say, loudly so that they can hear me through my mask. They turn, to reveal a face of silence, one of which seems is uncapable of emotions.
"Hello," they say, louder then me. They put out their hand to shake- not gloved, not clean. Fingernails caked in dirt, hands speckled with a dry red substanste that seems to be blood. I squirt hand sanatizer on my hand before reaching out to them.
"I'm Ever," I state clearly. They look up at me, and give a blank stare. "I know you. You're Rona."
"Correct," they say.
"You've ruined lives," I say angrily, flames curling in my somach.
"I have, yes."
"Please, make it end," I plead, crossing my fingers behind my back. But only empty laugher arrives from their mouth.
"I never wanted this. I can not solve it. I will simply leave the burden on the humans shoulders and leave, for there is nothing I can do. It wasn't an accident, persay, but it was not intended to go quite this way."
"No." They dissapeared in a cloud of dust.
We would have to solve this on our own, I suppose.

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