Sep 07

Seeing you

I don't want to see you every day.
I like it better when you unexpectedly appear in places when I just happen to be there.
When you shout my name across a patio,
Not ashamed to be knowing little ol' freshman me.
Seeing you is my secret treasure box,
A sparkly wave of the hand, 
A masked smile.
But sometimes,
We're far enough away,
And then I can really see you smile,
Like a bunch of stolen treasure,
Making me smile too,
Excited and terrified all at once.
I want seeing you to be my reward for getting through the week,
Like an extra perfect piece of chocolate.
Because I'd rather see you for five minutes,
Than eat a whole box of chocolates.
It's so funny, 
To barely know each other,
But be able to pick each other out of a huge crowd.
And it gives me such a rush,
When you wave,
And I wave back in front of all these people.
Because seeing you,
Is my special favorite part of any day.