Sep 10
poem challenge: Fame
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Rewind the Clock

Rewind the Clock
Abby Egner

I did it, I made it big.
All I ever did was hope to be known. 
But now?
Now all I want is a normal life.
A life where I can go
grocery shopping,
out to eat,
for a walk with the kids,
and not be stopped.

Sure it’s fun and all, 
being some little kid's idea of a hero,
but I just don’t want to be that anymore.
The pressure is insane, 
The stress is unbearable.
My family is struggling,
my life is crumbling.

I want to be anonymous.
I want to be anonymous.
I want to be anonymous. 

There’s no place like home, right?

A home where I’m unknown.
A home where I can be me.
A home where I am finally free.

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