Sep 10
essay challenge: School 2020

Remote Learning

School is coming and everyone is suddenly busy. Wrap up the summer homework, stroll through Target’s Back To School section and check the school roster. Summer is gone, along with the lazy mornings and late wake-up times. You can hear the thud as an alarm clock is placed on your bedside table and papers flipped as syllabus’ are read over. When you wake up in the morning, you linger around lazily, still in the summer state of mind, and slowly get ready for school. You get in the car and, when you get to school, you see your friends. You laugh and chat about idle subjects, and slowly adjust as you ease into the school state of mind. This is the routine of a normal school starting.

Only this year isn’t a normal school starting. This year the school starts remotely. There is no meet and greet, there is no time for you to chat about idle subjects or hug your friends. You hit the ground running. You get up, get dressed, brush your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair, eat your breakfast. Hop on your iPad. First class 8:30, second class 9:55, lunch 12:00, third class 12:30, last class 1:55. Quick, quick, get your homework done. Write faster, take your notes. Remember your English vocab quiz, don’t forget your Science project. Oh, and the Math test. And the History worksheet. Bam, bam, bam. Do this, do that, get it done, get it done. This is the attitude of a remote learning environment. There is no time to linger or dawdle, no idle topics to talk about. It is a test for your efficiency and responsibility.

Having experienced both a normal school starting and a remote school starting, I have to say that, although I prefer the normal school start much more than the remote, remote learning has really taught me many things. The importance of time and self-management, how to keep an organized schedule. I am looking forward to being on-campus again and meeting my friends and new classmates in-person, but I am also grateful for the opportunities that remote learning has given me to improve on my efficiency and self-control.