Sep 10
poem challenge: Sunset

sunset from the balcony

The balcony in her room was
perfect for watching the sunset.
Every night, she stood and
leaned on the metal bars
a silhouette against the sky, watching it
explode in the most miraculous of ways,
colors deepening and streaking and blending
transforming the sky; transforming
the many souls who gazed out at the sky in its most glorious moments.
And she smiled.
She was happy.

But she dreamed of more. She dreamed she
wasn't the only one out there on the balcony in the late evening; dreamed
someone was there with her
two silhouettes against the sky
watching the beauty beyond them
but together.
And in the dream, they'd smile at each other.
They'd be happy.

But the world didn't work for her and
times were hard and
her dreams never came true
but the sun still rose and set
and she watched it alone
still beautiful
still mesmerizing
still transforming,
but she only became sadder
because still, no one joined her
there was only one silhouette
no companion beside her
no smile on her face.
She was lonely.

Yet now she
stands on the balcony, and she isn't alone, not with
anyone her age but
with her little sister
watching the sunset once more,
two silhouettes
one big
one small
transforming together
her sister takes her hand
and she smiles
Because her sister was there for her from the beginning
through the good times and the hard times
through laughter and tears
through birthdays and vacations and everything life threw their way.
And after years and years, her
sister was still there,
still cared enough to
watch the sunset with her on a beautiful evening.
The two of them, together.