Sep 11
fiction challenge: Maze
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I run. I feel as though the hedge is closing in. I can almost feel it brushing my sides, as I turn sharply to the left. I feel like collapsing when I finally see it- the exit. I draw in my breath and sprint forward, my head throbbing. I fling myself out of the maze, and I hear my mother's voice.
"Eve. Eve! Why did you go in there?"
I stand up, the world swaying slightly and say softly, "Josh called me a wimp for not wanting to go in, so... I- I wanted to prove him wrong."  
Mother looks away from me to glare at my brother, Josh. "I can't beleve you!" She fumes. "No dessert for a month!"
Josh turns away from us, looking annoyed.
"Well you're out now." mother says kindly to me. "And you never have to go back in." 
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