Sep 13

Outstretched Arms.

I always seem to find myself in these types of situations.
Pining for someone I can't have. 
It's silly really,
that I have feelings like this for one of my best friends. 
But regardless,
I had a dream of you.
You had been hurt
and I flocked to you like how a moth flocks to the bug zapper at the edge of the property line.
I knew it would hurt me to see you like that,
but I went anyway.
Lurking in the shadows,
I watched as someone else cared for you. 
Stepping briefly into the light,
I risked a glance at you before
falling back around the corner.
Though I didn't go unseen.
You called to me as you stood on shaking legs.
Heart pounding, I gave up my post around the corner 
as I followed the sound of your voice. 
When I emerged, 
You looked at me with an emotion I couldn't place.
That's when you did it.
Kissed me,
with a type of passion I've always read about but never experienced. 
When I awoke,
I felt guilty.
Guilty that I could think of you in such a way. 
But as I sit here in the dark,
watching the candle flames dance
as wax drips down the holder
and the same song plays on repeat 
as the rest of my street sleeps soundly.
My mind wanders back to that dream. 
To the way your kiss made me feel. 
I want to experience it in real life.
That passion.
But alas,
I have accepted that it will never happen.
Because every time I get close enough to you,
you find someone else's arms to sink into besides my own.
Leaving me with outstretched arms.
Clinging to that passion,
while I desperately scramble to hold the fractured pieces of my heart together.