Sep 13
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Give Me Words

give me Words--
those glittering consonants,
syllables rolling off your tongue,
phrases rising and falling
like ocean waves,
rushing to your point on the shore
before they pull back
and rush away--

give Me words.
Tell me how the world works,
why the sky is blue

why I miss you

Please give me words--
Tell me it's going to 
be okay.
we will see another day,
that tomorrow will be
brighter and better than we 
ever could have hoped--

Give me so many words
that I fill up like a balloon,
and drift up and up and up
and up
into that impossibly beautiful
blue sky

then grab my hand
and pull me back down
into reality.

Give me words,
I need them to
live, to breathe.

Give me words--
I need them
to be me.