Sep 15
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The Dark

Last night
I forgot to take them
A simple slip-up
A little mistake
There were a million other things to do, and I couldn't find the time
Gently drifting down the hallway
At night
I recalled what I was supposed to do
My twisted shadow cast darkness
all over the walls as I
Down the crooked hallway
I didn't flick any lightswitches 
Those would wake the children
I found the bottle in the dark
Recognising it only by the cracked pads of my fingers
It's curves captured me in contemplation
Without really thinking, I unscrewed
And ate
In the full light of morning'
I ran down the crooked hallway
Seeing that I had taken the right bottle, a whoosh of air released me
It didn't stop there, though,
I just continued to melt, down and down and down
Right into a little pool of self-loathing
You have to be pretty darn broken
To find your pills in the dark