Sep 16
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Do you accept your children 
What if they are gay. Are they okay?
A different Gender, Religon, Social status?
would you still love them?
If not Why.

Even if they aren't would you?
Just based on one choice
you would hate them

if thats true WHY
Even after all the good.
You would bring in so much hate and destruction
The times are a changing 
just ask anyone 
so I would like to ask you

Why are you so narrow-minded?
making it harder for people to live, to breathe
If you won't love them. 
Their friends around the world will. 
With open arms they will say "we love You"

So go ahead and hate 
You won't change anything

Every good story starts with a obstacle,
A challange to conquer,
Something to push over the edge.
A feather so easy to push just with a little help.
So why don't you kindly go away before you cause more damage then you already have.

Lilly Noreault