Sep 16
poem challenge: BLM

I promise

you are part of me
and i am part of you 
but some people don't think so. 
some people will tear us apart
even though you
are beautiful, like a midnight sky full of stories. 
but you are black. 
and so they oppress you
hurt you
and strangle you until you can't breathe. 
they kill you.

It's. Just. Wrong. 

unfortunately they don't realize
that we are all descended from one person 
and that person was black.

for christians, 
i can't say for sure but it's likely that 
your Jesus was brown skinned. 

Black people are human. 
They deserve to be treated like humans,
not like animals. 
They deserve rights, and education
and compassion. 

you are a part of me, 
and i am a part of you
and although i can not speak for other people
i promise to respect you.
i promise to care about you. 
i promise to help make the world a better place for you.
i promise to scream alongside you. 
i promise.