Sep 17
essay challenge: Bucket
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Traveling The World

One day I am going to travel the world. I am going to start in the U.S. and travel each state and then I am going to the next country. I want to travel for a long time and find many different ways each country is. After I graduate college I am going to begin my traveling. I want to have kids one day and take them to some of my favorite places I traveled before. I really want to go to Australia and the U.K... Why? I don't really know. In pictures they look very pretty and fun places to be. One place I really want to visit is Paris. It is such a beautiful and romantic place that I would just love to see. Another place is Italy. Mainly for the same reason I want to go to Paris. It is a beautiful and romantic place and I love the food. As I work and grow to make money I am saving money up for traveling. I cant wait to travel and see what else is in our world other than Vermont. I have many other thinks on my bucket list like sky diving, bungee jumping, building my own house, making my own business, becoming a successfully teacher, and much more. But out of everything I think that traveling the world is the biggest thing I want to do. 
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