Sep 17

backwards hi's

Every time I shower
I take my finger to the sliding doors
pull away water from the surface,
spelling out "HI"
in messy streaks on the wet glass.

Really, though, I write "IH":
backwards for me so it's the right way for
the someone reading from
the other side.

Really, though,
as far as I know,
there is
never has been
a someone.
And I know it's childish,
know it's silly
but I can't stop writing "IH,"
keep spelling out backwards words on the shower doors

and the someone that there never has been keeps not-answering.

Every time I start my shower,
on the sliding doors are
the remnants of
last shower's backwards greeting
more faint than last time
but still there.


HI / I don't know why

I don't know why, 
but if I'm trying to show off 
my shading trick, 
the one where you press so hard into the page that it shows up on the next one,
and then you shade over it and get clear white words,
I always write "HI".
I don't know why.
The first thing that comes to mind is "HI" 
even though there are so many things I could be writing.