Sep 17
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My aerial bucket list

I have always loved heights and climbing on everything. So when I saw a really cool aerial silks performance when I was ten, I knew I had to try it. Aerials are a form acrobatics do in the circus like trapeze, or kind of like gymnastics in the air. The most common are aerial silks, hoop, straps, and rope. Unfortunately, I found out that I don't live anywhere near a place that teach them. So for a few years I went to open houses, camp, and even tried to make my own. When I was twelve and had finally proven my passion for it, my parents got us aerial silks for Christmas to put up in our garage that has a high ceiling. Thanks to YouTube and pull-ups, I eventullay learned a few tricks and drops. Now I want to learn more types of aerials like the lyra and straps.So I am saving up so I can set them up at home. To reach my goal I am working for my parents in our bakery and selling jewery online. I also am taking normal gymnactics and practicing with the aerial silks I have at home and everywhere else I can. I really love doing aerials and hope to be really good at them someday.
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