Sep 18
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Hiking The Appalachian Trail

 Ever since I was little my family always brought me on hikes and outdoor excursions.  I haven't always enjoyed walking for hours just to go sit on a pile of rocks and look at some views but as i've grown I have learned to enjoy it alot. Something I would consider on my bucket list is hiking the Appalachian Trail(A.T.). The A.T. is a about 2,2000 mile trail from Maine to Georgia or vice versa that takes an average thru hiker 5-7 months to complete.

 I have done a good amount of hikes and a few backpacking trips so far and one thing that really inspired me and I think is pretty cool is that my parents hiked the Long Trail. The long Trail is a thru hiking trail that goes across Vermont. Being above tree line is one of my favorite things. The views are always amazing and it's a whole different world up there. The feeling of being so far away from society and being able to live on your own is something that not everyone gets to experience. From the accomplishment of summiting high peaks to carrying your whole life on your back I think it would be a remarkable and possibly very valuable experience.
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