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Traveling All 50 States

          Everyone knows what a bucket list is. Most bucket lists include things like traveling, bungee jumping, the Olympics, etc. One thing is for sure though there are no two bucket lists that are the same, something is always different. My bucket list is one of those common ones. It has traveling to all 50 states, traveling the world, visiting Iceland, and seeing the northern lights. You are probably wondering why I have these things on my bucket list. I don’t have time to tell you about why I want to do everything on the lists, however I will tell you the reason for one. 

         Traveling to all 50 states has always been a dream of mine. I live in Vermont on a small dairy farm so we don’t get to travel often. However, I have to been to many different states, of course Vermont is one of them because I live there. My grandfather lives in Maine and every year of my life I have gone to Fryeburg Fair which is in Maine. I have been to New Hampshire many times, every time when we go to Maine we go through New Hampshire and my family goes to New Hampshire to get milk and grain for our baby cows, and parts for our tractors and equipment. Most of my family either lives in Vermont or New Hampshire, however I do have an aunt and uncle that live in New Jersey. The last few summers my aunt would come up to Vermont, stay a few days and then take my and my younger sister back with her to New Jersey for two weeks, then bring us back. On our way to New Jersey, we go through Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. While in New Jersey we went to Hershey’s Park which is in Pennsylvania. 

         Now that I have told you where I have been, it’s time to tell you more about where I want to go. I already said that I want to go to 50, so this will just be more detailed. I haven't planned it all out, however I would like to drive to as many of them as I can. I could fly out to Alaska then drive down to Washington then work my way back to Vermont. In order to go to every state I would go down from Washington into Oregon then into California. Then basically just going up and down till I have been to them all. Oh I forgot to tell you who will be coming with me on my trip. My younger sister would come and maybe one or two of my friends. When is the bigger question though, I would say right after high school but my sister would still be in 10th grade. Perhaps we would go after we are all done with college, but we might have a husband and kids by then. Possibly we might not get to go until we are old and wrinkly. Maybe I will go by myself, it doesn’t matter as long as I have fun. Visiting all 50 states has always been on my bucket list. I have been to eight so far. Hopefully I can visit the rest and cross that of my bucket list.  
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