Sep 18
poem 8 comments challenge: RBG

Notorious RBG (You are still here)

I don’t know what to say.
Rest In Peace sounds so hollow being typed on my phone’s keyboard.
You’ll never know how we mourned you
Now that you’re
You’ll never know how it all ended;
What happens to the world now that you’re
I wrote your life down on a piece of paper last spring
And it still slipped away.
Somehow I thought you’d still be there the day I died,
Putting on your lace collars
And dissenting.
I’m not qualified to sing your praises,
But thank you for everything you ever did.
Thank you for doing something that made us cry now that you're
I hope maybe
You caught a glimpse of what we would do
Without you
Somehow, some way,
But the truth is
You made me realize
Just as you were leaving
How little time we have
To stay.
I don’t know what to say.
I should have thanked you while you were still here
To listen.
It shouldn’t have taken this to make me realize
The amazing, incredible power
Of our short, little lives.
I hope
I can use mine
Like you used yours.
And I keep saying you’re gone,
But really,
You’re still here.
You’re still here.
Another little girl who lives in books.