Sep 18
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Bucket list

If I could do one thing on my bucket list I would travel the world. I would want to travel the world so I could see lots of cool places and make awesome memories. I would go places I could hike, swim, and be outside because I enjoy spending time outside. I would want to go places with cool animals like camels or elephants because elephants are my favorite. I would spend all day hanging out with animals outside without any worries. If I could bring all of my family with me I would because they deserve so much and I would want them to be able to enjoy themselves. Family trips are one of my favorite things to do so being able to travel all over the world and explore new places together would be super fun. A few specific places I would wanna visit would be Hawaii, because i've always wanted to go swimming in Hawaii and it's also super pretty in Hawaii. Indiana, just because I have a lot of family there and I haven't seen them in a while so I would wanna see them. I would also like to visit Oregon because i've seen lots of pictures of people hiking in Oregon and they had a really pretty view, also one of my favorite college softball teams is the Oregon Ducks so I would wanna catch a game if possible if I could visit there. At last I would like to travel far and go to Australia just because. I have no specific reason why I want to go. I just think it would be a neat place to visit. While on my road trip I would collect a souvenir in every place I went as a way to remember the trip of a lifetime while checking something off my bucket list. 

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