Sep 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Weaving
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I gather the ingriedients

You are weaving a beautiful fabric to make into a garment for yourself. Your loom can weave with any substance you wish: the sneeze of an ant, the roar of a river, the fog of London. What would you include in your fabric, and why? What strengths or symbolism would these materials hold for you? 

The softness of a cat's blink
I weave into
The kindness of a smile

I gather the ingriedients for my clothes.
The roar of my grief
I weave into
The Numbness of my acceptence
and I weave.
I will spin my love with my worry
and my passion with the whispers of the Crowd.

The people's stares I alternate with the sound
of the Fake Fire,

it blows softly, quietly.

My shirt is now warm
My pants are now strong

I shall not fall.
They gather cotton 

I gather the ingriedients for my clothes,
I gather hope in all it's forms
As it struggles.
As i Reap the benifits
As it flourishes