Sep 19

we're closed come back tomorrow:

ive started to notice 
that im bleeding from my 

and I am staining the carpet

leaving foot prints that track 
my restless mind 
and hungry stomach 

there are splotches on the 
ceiling where 
the white of the walls 
left their carefully marked boundaries 
migrating into one another 

we buy bus tickets to a town 
called hope 

only visiting 
not able to afford 
the expensive housing  

instead we will travel 
with coins in our pockets 
trying our best to repair the wounds 
we acquire along the way 

gathering missing parts 
and extra pieces 

the carpets 
will remember out broken hearts 
and the pain they brought with them 

but the walls remember the 

of tea late at night
and coffee in the morning 

for we are smiling more often 
then we are not 

handing out joy like 
free samples at Costco 

to those we pass on the street 
or in our dreams 

we have been alive 
for so very long 
and yet we have just started 

and i have started to notice
i am bleeding from the 

but im too busy to notice the stains 
on the carpet