Sep 21
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Cultural Density

Culture is collective accomplishments made within the confines of laws and traditions. These rules are essential, without them we would have no frame for interpretation. They create complexity by requiring us to work with them, to use them as building blocks that can either be stacked up or knocked down. Cultural rules are essential in developing something I have termed cultural density. I believe density doesn’t only apply to the physical world, but also applies to the world of ideas. By thinking inside the box, our ideas are forced to fold in on themselves, becoming increasingly complex. Without some form of containment, we wouldn’t have enough overlapping experience to communicate or interact with eachother in a meaningful way.

Trivial customs such as small talk or table manners may seem mundane, but they give us a common language which we can subtly warp. Social rules give us the chance to exercise our ingenuity. We highlight our cleverness by making minor indiscretions with intention. A colorful piece of clothing stands out only because the majority sticks to neutral tones. Fashion is an amalgamation of history, current trends and individuality. Something can only be unconventional if there is a established convention

Ideas, regardless of their truth, can be beautiful. Without social constructs, there would be no such thing as society. Our art would have no depth, no symbols or audacity. We rely on our limitations; they are the warp through which we weave our tapestries.