Dec 08
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Winter Dreams

The everlasting winter bleaches the grass with constant frost and covers flowerbeds with a blank film,
Mesmerized by the soft white specks that drift by our eyes on the other side of a window,
We gaze into the vast field beyond the glass covered with silky white snow,

I wake up suddenly interrupting my dream,
I try to fall back asleep to recover what has been lost,
A beautiful dream gone to waste I think to myself,

I look out the window to see exactly what I saw in my dream,
An endless field beyond my reach tucked away by a quilt of shimmering snow,
I sit there for what feels to be a few minutes as an hour has ticked by,

I climb downstairs stumbling to my feet,
Scrambling to my winter coat, snow pants, gloves , hat and boots  I dress for a long relaxing day outside,
Running my snowpants make a constant sound as they brush together,
I watch the door closer, closer and closer reaching for the knob I turn it swinging open it hits the wall,
Sprinting now I dive towards the top of the hill sled in hand knocking rhythmically against my knees,
Snow flys into my face as I dart past tree after tree,
At the bottom i hit a bump of snow flinging me forward launching me face first into the snow,
Sitting there I laugh joyously as the cold snow now stings,
Winter is a life, a dream worth living,
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