Sep 25
fiction challenge: Hundred
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    It's finally over! I've never been so relieved. The last week has been terrible. It all started with a flat tire, I called for help multiple times every phone call ending with the same message telling me to leave a voicemail. I check to see how far the next exit is, twenty miles. There's no way I'm making it that far on this tire. My phone is almost dead and no one is around. I'm in the middle of nowhere with no help and no way to get anywhere. I get out and start walking. I figure someone will eventually drive by, thirty minutes pass and not a single car has gone by. I still have seventeen miles to walk and at this point I don’t think things could possibly get worse. 

    Little did I know that things would take a turn and I'd end up fighting for my life. I walked for hours and didn't see a single car. I really was in the middle of nowhere. I decided to sit for a little while when I see a car slowly pull up right next to me. There was a man sitting in the driver's seat and a woman in the passenger seat. Two little girls took up the back seats and a dog on the floor. The woman kindly asked if I needed a ride and I knew I had no other option. They looked like any normal family and seemed like the type to help someone in need. They asked where I needed to go and I asked them to take me to the nearest gas station so I could use a phone and get a hold of family to come get me. A few minutes later we were getting off the exit and everything started to look better. Until we passed every gas station and got back on the interstate. 

    We drove for two more hours and then pulled into a driveway. I didn't know where we were or why we were here. The guy aggressively pulled the women out of the car and then yelled at the kids to go to their room. I thought maybe he was angry and wanted them in their bed rooms but when I followed them inside they opened up a door with stairs leading down to a basement. A creepy basement with no lights, I was hesitant to go down there. Then I felt a push and I fell down the stairs. I no longer had a choice if I wanted to be down here or not. The woman from the car comes down stairs too and the man slams the doors and I hear the lock click. I knew something was seriously wrong. 

    I soon learned that this woman and her two kids had been kidnapped and so had I. I spent two full weeks locked in the basement with little food to share with the others and I had been beaten several times for no reason. After a few days of me being gone my family got concerned about my safety and told the cops. A little over a week later me and the others had been found. I had never been so scared for my life. I didn't know how much longer I would survive and when it was finally over I had never felt so bad but also so good at the same time. When the cops broke us out of the basement the first faces I saw were my family and I was beyond happy. It was finally over. No more torture. 
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